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For Homeowners

Our purpose is to build relationships with home owners to embark business opportunities as well as provide a sanctuary for those seeking a temporary home.

Maintaining a rental property requires a lot from homeowners. We partner with homeowners to provide a stress and worry free rental experience so they can actually make passive income.

How it works


Step 1

Let's connect! We would love to learn more about your property and see if we make a mutually good fit.

Insurance Agent

Step 2

We'll sign the lease. Then we will get to work to furnish and equip your home for our corporate housing clients.


Older person on gymnastic ball

Step 3

Relax and know you really are entering a partnership that is mutually beneficial. We'll take care of your home with the utmost care.


Why choose us?

How do our services extend beyond?​

  • We comfortably furnish your space to make it appealing to our clientele.

  • We guarantee monthly payment upfront in our name. 

  • We find reputable guests to stay in your home for midterm stays. These guests could be traveling medical professionals, displaced families, relocations, etc.

  • We cover all utilities and set up (including Wi-Fi).

  • We take care of your home as if it were our own, under a certain limit with no added cost to the owner.

Ready to learn more?

We invite you to learn more about what a partnership with Fab Home Retreats looks like!
Contact us today to see if your property will make a good fit.
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