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For Our Travelers

Whether it be for vacation, work, relocation, or insurance claims, etc., we know that traveling involves a lot of planning. And finding somewhere to stay that accommodates your midterm needs isn't easy.

Fab Home Retreats provides our guests with a stress free environment, immediate service and communication to meet whatever they may need.



 From amenities such as quick wifi speed,  accessibility to in-unit laundry facilities, kitchen essentials and linens, our homes help eliminate that long packing list.

Right away we welcome you to your home away from home.


Fully Equipped

All of our homes are fully furnished and equipped with stylish and calming accents to help you feel comfortable.

This means you can expect great wifi, in-unit laundry facilities, kitchen essentials, linens, towels, and more.

Dog with Family in Background

Pet & Family Friendly

Because our guests are usually traveling for longer periods, that means they need accommodations that support their family and pets too.

Holding Hands Up High

Family Owned Touch

We are a family oriented business which means we personally care about your safety, comfort and quality of your stay. We are available to you 24/7 for any needs you may have.

Ready to learn more?

Get in touch with us to see if we have availability for your stay!

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